2017 Edition


In addition to informal exchanges time (breaks, lunch), nice to encourage connections, Health TechDays offer you the opportunity to plan and seek an appointment with other participants.


Thanks to an online platform, you will be able, a few days before the event, to discover all participants. Without exchanging any personal details, you could contact people you want to, to offer them to meet during the proposed time slots (10.30-11.30 / 12.30-14.00) or in parallel of thematic sessions.

Meetings will automatically be scheduled at best, in respect with each one’s agenda. You could optimize your day by creating your "à la carte" program, managing appropriate timeslots for conferences you want to attend and B2B meetings.

You will receive your meeting program by email about 48 hours before the start of Health TechDays and this program will be re-confirmed at the event reception desk. Well identified spaces for these meetings will be set up to allow you easily meeting your future projects or business partners.

Access to this networking platform is included in the registration.

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